Consulting voluminous files has become child’s play.

Johan PlatteauAntwerp

Digitisation of the justice system

Our firm is primarily active in criminal law; we deal with a lot of criminal court cases. We now can obtain a digital copy of records of a criminal case from several courts.

However, we receive these documents in a wide range of formats. It needs to be possible to open these documents by means of the program supplied with them, which is not always compatible with all systems. This was a handicap for users of Mac and iPad like us. As a result, these documents would not be integrated into our digital file with our software.

Lawcloud has developed a tool which enables us to download these files from the justice system in the blink of an eye and subsequently consult the file on any device and any location, greatly increasing the efficiency and comfort.

South Africa

Many people know that I’ve lost my heart to South Africa and like spending time there, usually during a working holiday. 

That’s where I can really focus on my cases and like going through the files.

Since we began to use Lawcloud, I’ve been able to work there without any limitations, as if I were at the office.