The Legal Engineers that suit you!

A legal engineer is not a luxury, but a necessity. 
Law firms, whether big or small, are often open to digitisation and optimisation, but they are sometimes unsure where to start or unable to free up enough time.
Our legal engineers are familiar with the challenges of the sector and will help you tackle them.

Optimisation and efficiency improvement

Our legal engineers take care of the optimisation of existing processes. They enhance the efficiency within the working environment and introduce new tools and/or services tailored to the needs of the lawyers and firm in question. The entire Lawcloud team consistently starts from this view and makes use of the latest technologies to meet all the requirements of each individual lawyer.

Turn your office into a well-oiled,
high-performing machine.
Speed + efficiency = profitability!

Lawcloud regularly engages in a dialogue with lawyers to map their (new) needs. 
Together, we develop the required processes and tools to adequately meet those needs.

New mindset, familiar way of working

The digital revolution has proven that there are a lot of possibilities to create added value for lawyers. Making the workflow more efficient and eliminating unnecessary administration. The Lawcloud team of legal engineers takes care of the required modernisation while ensuring a smooth transition for users.

Legal engineers offer a crucial advantage by making law firms more profitable and competitive.

Lawcloud and its legal engineers

As legal engineers, we build bridges between the legal world and today’s technological capabilities. By means of targeted business and process assessment, we identify the bottlenecks and areas for improvement, so as to address them thoroughly and provide customised solutions.

The central objective continues to be time, cost and manpower reduction.
We achieve this objective by enabling not only the lawyers but all staff members of the law firm to work more efficiently. We do not aim to make manpower redundant, but to use it more intelligently. This will result in more job satisfaction as well as a higher return.