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It’s not about technology, it’s how you apply it.


A high-performance web application providing all the features that a law firm needs. Lawcloud serves as an all-in-one remote workplace with which lawyers work, register, invoice and receive.

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Legal Engineers

Since every office has its own processes, it is our task as legal engineers to find and develop customised best practices. Lawcloud’s high-performance software is only the beginning.

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With Lawcloud, I've been able to store my sensitive data without having to worry about security.

Nele SomersAntwerp
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Opting for a complete change of course with Lawcloud has turned out great for us.

Claudia Van de VeldeAntwerp
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Consulting voluminous files has become child’s play.

Johan PlatteauAntwerp
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Lawcloud’s custom-fit ecosystem has eliminated the problems that used to haunt other software packages.

Louis R. De GrooteGhent
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We had come to the conclusion that specialised software for lawyers was not something we could use. That was until we discovered Lawcloud, and we have had no regrets ever since!

Nina Van EeckhautGhent
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Unique and Efficient

discover more functionalities

Time tracking

Lawcloud registers, automatically or otherwise, the time worked and enters it into the specific file, which is crucial for efficient invoicing.

Office 365 integration

Seamless integration of Office 365 tools without add-ons. Word, Excel and Outlook are the market reference enabling professionals to work efficiently.

Workflow & review queue

Efficient monitoring and allocation of incoming and outgoing communications and documents. Manage your document and communication flow super efficiently.

Integrated invoicing

Automatic and periodic creation of invoices and payment requests as well as reminders for outstanding invoices. Direct booking into Exact Online in the ledgers of your choice.

Each new project is tailored to the needs of the client. We optimise the firm’s processes by means of our software.
Irina Maes Sales Manager at Lawcloud
Lawcloud forms the heart of an ecosystem that integrates (legal) tech, establishes connections and thus creates a high level of efficiency and user-friendliness.
Lothar Hinckxt CTO of Lawcloud
We went quickly from new kid on the block to the long-term partner of well-known firms in Belgium and the Netherlands. However, our ambition goes further than this, and we still have a lot of ambitious plans.
Joeri Maes CEO of Lawcloud


A clear and transparent pricing model, no unpleasant surprises!

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€ 780

€ 1560 for first user and € 780 from second user onwards.


€ 1249

For importing data from your current package & thorough training.
  • Less paper, more efficiency
  • Support from our Legal Engineers
  • Work independently of location or device
  • Various integrations with indispensable tools