Lawcloud’s custom-fit ecosystem has eliminated the problems that used to haunt other software packages.

Louis R. De GrooteGhent

Evolution from lawyer to entrepreneur

Over the years, the legal profession has evolved considerably: we are now supposed to be entrepreneurs who keep abreast of the latest trends, including digitisation. This means using less and less paper. In this context, it is often thought that most lawyers do not always have the required professional IT skills. I have to admit that this assumption is not unfounded. 

Custom-fit for our job

Whatever the merits of the previous software packages we tried, they were often not very easy to use (probably because they were originally developed for and by other professional groups). Lawcloud has eliminated such problems: it has a logical structure (for instance the connection with other online tools), is very user-friendly and is custom-fit for our job. In addition, the Lawcloud team is very cooperative and proactive.

Focus on the core business

As a result of all this, entrepreneurs/lawyers do not have to waste time on fine-tuning their (case) management, but can concentrate on their core business.