Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

Both incoming and outgoing  phone calls can be automatically stored in a dossier via the Voice over IP provided by our partner Fonzer. If desired, Lawcloud generates a service provision as well.

Review queue

Various types of documents such as letters, pleadings, summons and email correspondence can be provided to colleagues at the office for revision. Afterwards, these documents can be easily finalised and forwarded.


Incoming emails, letters and documents can be easily dispatched by allocating them (automatically or otherwise) to users or teams. This allows you to see, on a case level, what is still being processed by whom, and ensure that nothing has slipped through the net!

Digital signatures

Through the integration of connective e-signatures in Lawcloud, documents from a party or case can be offered to one or several signatories for digital signature. Having been signed by all signatories, a copy signed by all parties is automatically forwarded by email. An automatic reminder system is also in place to send reminders to people who have not signed yet.

Sending letters by regular mail

Sending letters by regular or registered mail, black-and-white or in colour, without printing them yourself.
Lawcloud makes it possible to easily monitor the delivery status of these dispatches.

Time tracking

Lawcloud registers, automatically or otherwise, the time worked and enters it into the specific file. This allows you to keep the process from service provision to invoicing very short and keep an overview. Very handy if you want to optimise your cash flow!

Office 365 integration

The Office 365 tools have become an indispensable part of our professional activities. Word, Excel and Outlook have become the absolute market reference. Lawcloud has integrated all these features seamlessly without any add-ons or middleware.

Effective invoicing

You can opt for automatic invoicing or manual invoicing at a specific moment by means of a single mouse click. In addition, it is also possible to read in bank operations and link them to an invoice as payment or to the correct case via an escrow account.