Opting for a complete change of course with Lawcloud has turned out great for us.

Claudia Van de VeldeAntwerp

A clean sweep

At Desdalex, we switched to Lawcloud in 2018, when it was still the new kid on the block. At the time, we made a clean sweep of our processes and infrastructure, and  put our digital fate in the hands of Lawcloud, who claimed that things could be done much more efficiently. In two weeks’ time, we practically replaced all our technology, including telephony, by a new and unfamiliar system. It goes without saying that such a transition from decades-old processes to something completely novel had a significant impact and required some adjustment.

Structured growth

Over the past few years, our firm has expanded considerably, and Lawcloud’s package has been essential to our ability to manage everything within a clear and comprehensible framework. The system has turned out to be really user-friendly, even for a computer illiterate like myself.

In fact, it’s hard to imagine how we ever coped without Lawcloud, and I think this is the best proof that it works.

A lot of features that enhance efficiency

What I find particularly handy is the unique workflow and review queue: within your own team, you can easily allocate tasks and keep an overview at the same time. In addition, all emails and files end up neatly organised in the correct digital folder. The automatic invoicing of the registered costs and services is also highly efficient.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us realise how flexibly we were able to work

When our lives were turned upside down by the Coronavirus in early 2020, this transition proved to have been a very wise decision. 
From one day to the next, our lawyers and staff members could effortlessly telework without having to set up any complicated configurations (something we had to do before the transition to LawCloud) and continue their work as if they were at the office. No connections to mobile phones, no VPN connections, no delays, no IT officers working overtime to get everyone operational and up-and-running, in short: no time loss.