Lawcloud has not only increased my time but also my revenue.

Klara Helsen (Fides Law)Landen

Compatible with Apple

Lawcloud was the first step in professionalizing my one-man office and just before physically hiring a paralegal. As an avid Apple (Mac) user, there were few legal software packages that were compatible. What immediately stood out to me upon introduction was the clear structure in each case file. It took a bit of searching initially in billing, but once mastered, it proved to be a breath of fresh air in day-to-day work.

Detailed billing builds trust

I have resumed dictation, and thanks to the review feature, I have literally and figuratively "bought" time. In the meantime, another lawyer has joined us at our meeting table in Landen, who is at least as enthusiastic about Lawcloud. Not only has my time benefited from the use of Lawcloud, but my revenue has also grown. Moreover, the billing is very detailed, contributing to my clients' trust in my skills, professionalism, and accuracy.

With Lawcloud, I have literally and figuratively "bought" time. My daily work routine became much more efficient.

Efficiently operating office

My office has grown from a one-man operation where I had to handle almost everything on my own, with little time for long-term thinking, to an efficiently operating, time- and cost-conscious office with an eye on future expansion. Lawcloud has contributed to the growth of my office and to my development as a lawyer-entrepreneur.