Lawcloud has significantly accelerated and improved our processes.

Gust DetienneLeuven - Westerlo

Software to match rapid growth

Trent is a young and dynamic firm that has grown to a team of 15 lawyers in just a few years. Our initial software did not allow us to automate some things. To cope with the growth and all that it entailed, we started looking for alternatives.


We have been working with Lawcloud for one year now and it has accelerated and improved a lot of processes. The invoicing system allows invoices to be prepared quickly and easily. These are sent and reported automatically. The number of outstanding invoices has fallen noticeably.

Tracking tasks, workflow, hours worked and workload can also be done quickly and transparently. The ability to create fixed templates and file flows means a lot of things can happen automatically.

Lawcloud is a system that continues to evolve

Thanks to Lawcloud, a lot of things no longer happen manually.  A lot of time lost in administration and follow-up was freed up to perform billable hours. Communication with the people at Lawcloud runs smoothly and the number of times the system faltered can be counted on one hand. Lawcloud also continues to evolve and improve. We couldn't live without it today.