Strong, efficient software like Lawcloud is indispensable in today's legal profession.

Anne Marie De ClerckGhent

High-paced advocacy

Our office represents victims and suspects of crimes. Criminal law is intense. It's a high-paced legal practice, often with unexpected twists and turns. For instance, a client suddenly ending up in prison, prompting you to drop everything and assist them during an interrogation at a moment's notice.

Unburdening on an administrative level

Deadlines rapidly following each other, a mass of information from criminal case files that must be processed within short periods... At these speeds in your job, it's essential to alleviate administrative burdens, allowing you to focus entirely on the pure practice of law. In such cases, you need a software system that provides an overview, works efficiently and effectively, and grants immediate access to all necessary information.

The right software for a strong organisation

Our young office was founded in 2019. Our initial investment was acquiring a software system designed for attorneys. We already understood the indispensability of this investment in building a strong organization. However, at that time, we resorted to a software system that we were already familiar with from previous experiences.

However, software for the legal profession can sometimes feel outdated. The options available were limited for a long time, and perhaps there was a mindset, stemming from a strong monopoly position, that there was no need to innovate or improve."

Lawcloud made us grow

Not the case with Lawcloud. In 2022, our office got acquainted with Lawcloud. We were immediately impressed. The transition was smooth, and with the new software, we felt like we could grow as an organization.

What's distinctive about Lawcloud is how it continuously collaborates with the law firm.

What's distinctive about Lawcloud is how it continuously collaborates with the law firm. The system seems to have been designed from the perspective of an attorney and their daily practice. There's no standstill in the system; it constantly aims to renew and improve itself.

Drive for tailored solutions

What we additionally highly appreciate is the friendliness, positivity, and continuous drive of the people at Lawcloud to offer solutions. The service makes you feel like a unique customer who needs to move forward.

Not just a number, but unique and custom-fit legal engineering

This isn't just pleasant; it also aligns with our vision as lawyers and entrepreneurs. Like Lawcloud, we want to stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients. We don't treat our clients as mere case files but as unique individuals with unique stories to whom we aim to provide tailored solutions. Our first principle is always the client and how we can be of service to them. Lawcloud is a partner in crime for us.