Immediately impressed by Lawcloud's interface and the extensive follow-up options.

Bart Vosters (Crimilex)Turnhout

Our office was one of the first to choose Lawcloud as the solution for our digital file management. We were immediately charmed by, on the one hand, the user-friendly interface (no clutter or unnecessary features), and on the other hand, the extensive capabilities it offers for optimal follow-up. Furthermore, the software is constantly improved and adapted to continue meeting our needs.

Scanning of criminal files.

Our lawyers are frequently on the move for accessing and scanning criminal files. Thanks to the seamless integration with scanning apps on their iPhones, these accesses are immediately sent and stored in Lawcloud, making them readily available upon their return to the office.

Additionally, all external documents, such as mail, are scanned directly by the secretariat. This allows us to maintain both a paper and digital version of our files, making them accessible from any office location at all times.

The integrated email features and the connection of Lawcloud to our phones ensure that not only the contents of the file but also all incoming and outgoing communications are quickly retrievable.

Convenient segmentation

Working with segments throughout the entire package is a less conspicuous but one of the most useful tools for conducting simple and quick searches. For instance, reporting on third-party funds used to be a labor-intensive and cumbersome task in the past. By using segments, we can now identify which files still have outstanding third-party funds within seconds. Simply exporting to an Excel file and uploading it to the private section is all that's needed to have the report ready within fifteen minutes.

Reading CODA Files

Thanks to the straightforward reading of CODA files, both fee payments and incoming deposits to the third-party account can be quickly linked to the correct file. This helps us avoid unnecessary reminders for fee statements and allows us to quickly check the extent to which invoiced retainers have been utilized. It also ensures the swift transfer of funds to the third-party account.